Harnessing the Therapeutic Power of Music

Hobart Music Therapy is passionate about the power of music and how it can enhance our lives.

Music therapy is a research and evidence based practice, which can have positive benefits across a variety of

situations and circumstances.

Early Childhood

Your toddler or pre-schooler’s speech, language development, movement  and emotional/sensory functioning could all benefit from Music Therapy. Children often sing before they speak and dance before they walk! Music Therapy is a motivating and fun therapy for little ones. Hobart Music Therapy will tailor sessions specifically designed to  your child’s needs, in the comfort of your own home or at your child’s pre-school or daycare. A group session could be arranged if this suits your needs better. 

Disability Support

During my years of practice, I’ve seen first hand how music therapy can assist hugely with challenges associated with developmental delays, speech and language difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Music therapy is also proven to nurture independence, self-confidence and self-esteem, aid functional speech and communication, improve family relationships and provide relaxation. I can come to your home or child’s daycare or school, to provide a fully individualised session or arrange for clients to join a group session. 

Aged Care

Many studies throughout the world demonstrate music’s role in aiding in memory recall, identity awareness, mood management, pain management, depression, among other issues, in the care and treatment of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Hobart Music Therapy offers tailored individual music therapy, one-on-one and group sessions, whether at home or in an aged care facility.

Meet Selena

Registered Music Therapist

A passionate Music Therapist, with over 20 years experience in the music field, Selena believes music can be used in a variety of situations to support people through their lives.

Music Therapy Can Help With

Emotional awareness

Communication skills

Sensory processing

Anxiety Issues

Social skills

Literacy and Numeracy

Motor planning

Isolation & Loneliness

Memory & Recall

How it Works 

Music Therapy harnesses the power of music, for therapeutic purposes. As we all know, music has the ability to motivate us, relax or energise us, it can even inspire memories of people, places and events. We use music in all areas of our lives – celebrations, entertainment, education, exercising and often in the processing of complex emotions.

Music therapy uses music to help us achieve non-musical goals.  A qualified registered music therapist will assess your individual needs and then develop a plan for treatment. You don’t need to have any musical ability at all.

Hobart Music Therapy can offer support to a range of people, from early childhood through to aged care. Every person is assessed and delivered a goal-focused program, which is regularly reviewed and evaluated. These goals may serve emotional, cognitive, physical or social needs.

Sessions are either one on one or in groups. Treatment can be ongoing or for a predetermined block. Joint sessions with other allied health professionals, such as speech pathologists or occupational therapists may also be beneficial.

Mustic Therapy

"Treating children is very rewarding. Seeing a child process complex emotions and express themselves through music, reveals that they are equipped with new tools for the future"

Selena Cheyne, Registered Music Therapist

"By taking a different approach to coping with challenging behaviours and managing difficulties with sensory processing, clients on the autism spectrum and their carers often experience wonderful benefits"

Selena Cheyne, Registered Music Therapist

"Music in the aged care sector is an integral component of healthcare and wellbeing. It has the ability to re-ignite powerful memories and often brings a sense of peace and joy to both the patient and their families.."

Selena Cheyne, Registered Music Therapist

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